The idea for this brand was inspired by the founder JEFF's global business experiences, where he encountered diverse cultures. Eventually, he was inspired by Australia's vision of high per capita income, public health, living security, and a vision of paradise. The background of the trademark is set as the landmark of Sydney Tower Eye, symbolizing the level of development pursued by developing or developed countries. The portrait of an upward-looking, going through the trials of wars, epidemics, pollution, environment, and migration, before achieving the modern culture and public health progress of mankind today. This abstract expression implies that humans will only strive upwards to achieve their idealized vision of paradise.


GOLDEN RAYS Co., Ltd. was established in 2023 with a focus on youth, innovation, research and development, and green energy. We dedicate to providing high-quality disinfection equipment and consumables for public areas, aiming to improve the public environment, quality of life, and corporate image. To address the challenges of operating costs for commercial customers, we adopt innovative thinking and research and development capabilities to create a series of high-quality, environmentally friendly disinfection equipment and consumables. Our products undergo meticulous research and optimization from machine design to cleaning consumable development, to provide globally-demanding products and a superior user experience. We also prioritize green and environmentally friendly technology, which reduces consumables and maintenance costs, minimizes pollution, and lowers human resource consumption. This helps improve public health standards, quality of life, and enhances the image of usage venues. At GOLDEN RAYS Co., Ltd. Customer needs are always our top priority. Driven by innovation and research and development, we are committed to providing the highest quality products. We strive for continuous development and innovation to create modern, comfortable, and safe public spaces that add value and contribute to society.